Bicycle infrastructure principles - BASIC FAST TRACK

The FAST TRACK is available for the BASIC COURSE and lets you access the content of the full course straight away. The FAST TRACK will not let you wait until week 5 to complete your course.

The BASIC COURSE provides you with an understanding of the 5 design principles for bicycle infrastructure and their relevance. The programme runs for 5 weeks. Each week new content becomes available consisting of knowledge clips with recorded mini lectures, quizzes, inspirational reads and vlogs and practical assignments. The programme is detailed below.

No matter where you are in the world. Whether you are a beginner or an expert or if you are applying CROW, NACTO or other design standards: these design principles apply to each situation! These are the foundation for your success.

Engage with fellow participants from across the world. Quizzes, practical assignments, and group reflection will help you to consolidate your newly acquired knowledge. After successful completion of the course, you will obtain your personal certificate. The evidence that you have mastered a key corner stone in creating safe and successful bicycle infrastructure.

In only 5 weeks the course will lead you to fully understand the 5 key success factors in creating safe and successful bicycle infrastructure. It will enable you to promote cycling, by planning and designing the best cycling infrastructure:
• Increased credibility – certification after successful completion of the course
• Better plans, designs, policies, strategies, and campaigns
• Overcoming barriers and creating acceptance for your plans/proposals/measures
• More, better, and safer bicycle infrastructure delivered faster

>>> HOW IT WORKS <<<
The course content becomes available when you enrol. The content can be started, paused, continued, and finished as needed. You can follow the e-course any time, any place. Each week takes approximately 45-90 minutes of learning time.

>>> HOW TO ENROL <<<
First you need to make a user account. Then you can proceed to purchasing this cours. The platform will guide you:
• Click the "get this course" button.
• Click “sign-up” to create an account on the platform You may need to verify your email address. Also keep an eye on your spam folder. The verification email might land in there.
• Back on the catalog page click the “get this course button”.
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Dutch tax law requires us to issue tax invoices for participants enrolling on behalf of the company (employer pays) including company details (name, address, place, and tax registration number). Participants (employer pays) must provide such details during in the registration form.


  • Welcome
  • Do you need cycling in your veins?
  • Welcome
  • Course introduction
  • Practicalities
  • 1 - Cohesion - "cycling from anywhere to everywhere"
  • Successful bike infra creators
  • Welome message
  • Objectives week 1
  • Cohesion explained
  • Quiz time 1.1
  • Case study in bike-friendly suburban planning
  • Mini quiz 1.2
  • Integration with different modes
  • Assignment 1
  • Wrapping up week 1
  • Reflection 1
  • 2 - directness - "short and fast routes"
  • Welcome message
  • Objectives week 2
  • Recall week 1
  • Quiz time 2.1
  • Directness explained
  • Quiz time 2.2
  • Case Study Fast Cycle route
  • Quiz time 2.3
  • Assignment 2
  • Wrapping up week 2
  • Reflection 2
  • 3 - Safety - "safe infrastructure - personal health"
  • Welcome message
  • Objectives week 3
  • Recall week 2
  • Quiz time 3.1
  • Safety explained
  • Quiz time 3.2
  • Bike friendly planning and safety 1
  • Bike friendly planning and safety 2
  • Quiz time 3.3
  • Vision Zero - sustainable safety
  • Quiz time 3.4
  • Assignment 3
  • Wrapping up week 3
  • Reflection 3
  • 4 - Comfort - "taking the human being as starting point"
  • Welcome message
  • Objectives week 4
  • Recall week 3
  • Quiz time 4.1
  • Comfort explained
  • Quiz time 4.2
  • Case study: Delft - the city keeps moving
  • Quiz time 4.3
  • Assignment 4
  • Wrapping up week 4
  • Reflection 4
  • 5 - Attractiveness "making personal taste plannable"
  • Welcome message
  • Objectives week 5
  • Recall week 4
  • Quiz time 5.1
  • Attractiveness explained
  • Quiz time 5.2
  • Case study: Silly Walks
  • Quiz time 5.3
  • Assignment 5
  • Wrapping up week 5
  • Reflection 5
  • Almost there
  • Final test - basic course fast track
  • Course evaluation - basic course fast track
  • Your certificate
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever